Isotope abundance in platinum

  • B. Venkatesachar
  • L. Sibaiya


The relative abundance of the isotopes of platinum is estimated from an analysis of the microphotograms of the structure pattern of Pt I λ 3408·13 Å (a3F4—z5D4°). Assuming a positive isotope shift, the isotopes of platinum with their relative abundance are as follows:— Mass Number .. 196 195 194 192 Relative abundance .. 16 13 10 ∼2

Dempster’s recent letter toNature however suggests a negative shift and the added note gives, in decreasing order of abundance, the isotopes 194(16), 195(13), 196(10) and 198(∼2). This interpretation is not consistent with the usual observation that the centre of gravity of an odd isotope lies nearer to the lighter even isotope. The computed atomic weight in either case lies in the neighbourhood of 195·0. Other isotopes in small abundance may account for the divergence between the computed atomic weight and the chemical atomic weight.


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    Venkatesachar and Sibaiya,Proc. Ind. Acad. Sci., 1935,1, 955–960.Google Scholar

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  • B. Venkatesachar
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  • L. Sibaiya
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