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Global detector network: data acquisition on the LHC

  • Jan Valenta
Development of the Technical of Experiments


The Global Detector Network group is preparing recommendations for future high energy physics experiments to allow to operate detectors from different laboratories around the world. The GDN investigates technical, security, and social aspects involved in remote operation of HEP experiment. The group currently focuses on gaining experience from recent experiments.

The ATLAS is one of 2 main experiments on the LHC and its Data Acquistion System deals with the enourmous task to reduce the approximate initial data flow of 1 PB/s to storage suitable value of 300 MB/s. This is achieved by 3 levels of rejection, each of them dealing with tough time constraints and requested rejection factor. Both specially designed hardware components and commercial PCs are used for this task. The safety and environmental issues are at the ATLAS experiment addressed by the separate Detector Control System.


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Key words

Global Detector Network data acquisition 


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