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Lineaments and tectonic analysis through landsat imagery and its implications on the evaluation of bauxite and laterite deposits in and around Panchpatmali area, Koraput District, Orissa

  • D K Sengupta
  • S K Som
  • U Misra


Lineaments of Panchpatmali plateau and the adjoining areas in Koraput District, Orissa, lying on the East Coast of India, were analysed to elucidate their influence on the occurrence of’ laterite/bauxite duricrust of the area. A detailed lineament map and a map of the explored and expected deposits of laterite and bauxite of the areas have been prepared from satellite imagery after ‘Band Ratioing’ and ‘Maximum Likelihood Classification’ and ground truth study. Development of laterite/bauxite plateaus follows the regional lineament trend of NE - SW, probably due to the tectonic activities in the area. It has been observed that there are atleast two major planation surfaces - the older one shows complete development of laterite/bauxite duricrust, whereas the younger planation surfaces are devoid of any.


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Authors and Affiliations

  • D K Sengupta
    • 1
  • S K Som
    • 1
  • U Misra
    • 1
  1. 1.Department of Geology and GeophysicsIndian Institute of TechnologyKharagpur

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