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Concentration, composition and apolipoprotein B species of very low density lipoprotein subfractions from normolipidemic and hypertriglyceridemic humans

  • Gabriele Bittolo Bon
  • Giuseppe Cazzolato
  • Serenina Zago
  • Pietro Avogaro
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Lipoproteins in the d < 1.006 g/ml density range obtained from 13 healthy normolipidemic subjects and from 15 patients affected by primary endogenous hypertriglyceridemia after 14-h fasting were subfractionated by filtration in Biogel A-15 M columns. The mass values and chemical composition of very low density lipoprotein (VLDL) subfractions 1 and 2 thus obtained were studied. In each subfraction the behavior of apolipoprotein B (Apo B) was tested by sodium dodecyl-sulfate polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis. VLDL2 was higher and richer in cholesterol and proteins than VLDL1 and VLDL2 were higher than in normolipidemic subjects, the difference being particularly evident for VLDL1. In both VLDL1 and VLDL2 of nearly all the subjects studied the presence in electrophoretic gels of a large Apo B-100 band and of a minor Apo B-48 band with the appropriate mobility of lymph chylomicrons was detected. The Apo B-100/Apo B-48 ratio was about 6 in VLDL1 and 24 in VLDL2. A trend of a reduced Apo B-100/Apo B-48 ratio was observed in VLDL1 of hypertriglyceridemic patients.


Apolipoprotein B-48 Apolipoprotein B-100 Gel chromatography Hypertriglyceridemia Polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis Sodium dodecyl-sulfate Very low density lipoproteins 


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  • Gabriele Bittolo Bon
    • 1
  • Giuseppe Cazzolato
    • 1
  • Serenina Zago
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  • Pietro Avogaro
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