Power spectrum analysis of geomagnetic indices

  • R P Kane


Using the method of maximum entropy spectral analysis (MESA) by Burg and the least-squares linear prediction (lslp) (also calledFABNE) by Barrodale and Erickson, the spectra of geomagnetic indices Ap, AN, AS, AE, AU, AL, Dst and cosmic ray neutron intensity at Deep River are obtained for 1965 and 1969 from daily means and for longer periods from monthly means. A large number of peaks of periodicities from 2 days to several years is obtained, many of which are shown by all the indices. Some of these are probably harmonics of the 27 days solar rotation period and the 20–22 years double sunspot cycle period. Comparison is made with results of earlier workers who reported fewer peaks.


Power spectrum analysis geomagnetic indices maximum entropy spectral analysis least-squares linear prediction periodicity peaks 


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  • R P Kane
    • 1
  1. 1.Instituto de Pesquisas Espaciais-INPEConselho Nacional de Desenvolvimento Cientifico e Tecnológico-CNPqSão José dos CamposBrasil

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