Widening the horizons of otolaryngologist an interdisciplinary approach for surgical problems of cervical spine

  • Girish S. Mishra


Till recent past the realm of ENT surgeons was limited to tonsils and mastoids. But with the passage of time and strides made by the Biomedical Engineering, the horizon has widened and the Otolaryngology has kept pace with other medical specialities. Lesions of Clivus, cervicomedullary junction and cervical vertebra often present difficulty to the Neuro Surgeon and Orthopaedic Surgeon. The role of ENT surgeon in these cases of cervical spine surgery can be significant. A successful attempt has been made to approach various levels of cervical spine anteriorly either transorally, transpharyngeally or transcervically.

Although these techniques are well suited to the training and experience of the Head & Neck ± surgeon, it is our perception that the procedure is underused by the members of our speciality. Although these approaches are safe and reliable, it is not part of the Otolaryngologist’s usual surgical armamentarium.

In the present study a series of thirteen patients presented between February ’91 and July ’94, with various pathologies of Cervical Spine with or without neurological deficits is reviewed. The surgical technique is discussed and methods to prevent potential complications and adverse sequelae are also addressed.


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  • Girish S. Mishra
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  1. 1.Department of ENT & Head and Neck SurgeryP S Medical College & Shri Krishna HospitalGujarat

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