The American Journal of Digestive Diseases

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Book reviews



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  1. The Genetics of Schizophrenia. A Study of Heredity and Reproduction in the Families of 1,087 Schizophrenics. By Franz J. Kallmann. New York, J. J. Augustin, 291 pp., 1938.Google Scholar
  2. Attaining Womanhood. By George W. Corner. New York, Harper & Brothers, 95 pp., 1939. Price $1.00.Google Scholar
  3. Diagnosis and Management of Diseases of the Biliary Tract. By R. F. Carter, C. H. Greene and J. R. Twiss. Philadelphia, Lea & Febiger, 432 pp., 1939. Price $6.50.Google Scholar
  4. The Digestive Tract: A Radiological Study of Its Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology. By Alfred E. Barclay, London, Cambridge University Press, 395 pp., 1933.Google Scholar

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