Assessment of traffic Noise and its impact on certain personnel

  • Deepak Rajenderkumar
Guest Editorial


The Noise measurements done during peak traffic hours in Chennai city in 1985, is compared with the levels prevailing in 1993 and the density of vehicles plying enumerated. The intensity of noise produced was found to be proportionate to the density of the vehicles. Noise levels at all points studied have shown a significant increase in the last eight years, varying from 2 dB to 10 dB. In most of the places the levels were found to be above 80 dB.

A sample study of 100 individuals, selected from a survey comprising of 1100 traffic policemen, showed a high incidence (21 %) of noise induced hearing loss. Incidence of high frequency sensorineural hearing loss (18%) was also found to be high in these personnel.

Possible causes for these findings are discussed and some remedial measures suggested.


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  • Deepak Rajenderkumar
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  1. 1.Institute of Oto-rhino-laryngologyMadras Medical CollegeChennai

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