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Ulcerative colitis of 28 years’ duration with recovery

  • William Z. Fradkin

Comment and summary

This patient suffered with ulcerative colitis for 28 years. The etiology of the disease remained undetermined until material for examination was aspirated directly from the ulcers and immediately examined on a warmstage microscope. The routine stool examinations were unreliable and misleading. The liver, although a common secondary site of amebic infection, resisted pathologic amebic invasion. The generalized eczema of the skin as well as the acute dermatitis of the scalp with temporary loss of hair may be attributed to the effect of the parasite or its toxins. It is of interest to note that the intravenous administration of sodium iodide controlled the diarrhea for a period of five months. This would suggest its use in the more protracted cases of amebiasis where the parasites have migrated to the liver and other organs and where the use of emetine is contraindicated. This case also shows that an amebic infection of the colon may for a short period of time spontaneously regress to a state of practically normal roentgenologic findings.


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  • William Z. Fradkin
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  1. 1.Department of Medicine, Division of Gastro-Enterology, and the Department of Laboratories, Division of BacteriologyJewish Hospital of BrooklynBrooklyn

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