On the Ostrowski’s inequality for Riemann-Stieltjes integral and applications

  • S. S. Dragomir


An Ostrowski type integral inequality for the Riemann-Stieltjes integral ∫ a b ƒ (t) du (t), where ƒ is assumed to be of bounded variation on [a,b] andu is ofr-H- Hölder type on the same interval, is given. Applications to the approximation problem of the Riemann-Stieltjes integral in terms of Riemann-Stieltjes sums are also pointed out.

AMS Mathematics Subject Classification

26D15 26D20 41A55 

Key word and phrases

Ostrowski Inequality Riemann-Stieltjes Integral 


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© Korean Society for Computational and Applied Mathematics 2000

Authors and Affiliations

  1. 1.School of Communications and InformaticsVictoria University of TechnologyMelbourne CityAustralia

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