Trabajos de Estadistica

, Volume 10, Issue 2, pp 63–73 | Cite as

Algunos problemas estadisticos en la construccion de escalas de consumo

  • Francisco Azorín Poch


Some statistical problems in the construction of consumption scales.

The author considers consumption scales as a special case of the general problem of measuring clusters or composite units when simpler units are not clarely defined. The attempt is made to define such units in order to measure clusters, tryng to make the definition practically efficient from the point of view of information and cost.

A brief consideration is given to the origin of the Engel curves. The work of Sydenstricker and King is commented as well as their terminology and concepts.

The Friedman method based in the fitting of a line to variables made independent of the number of consumption units is discussed.

Finally attention is given to the possibilities of extensión to different fields as productivity.


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