The American Journal of Digestive Diseases

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Increase in peptic ulcer of the aged

  • F. W. Mulsow


The incidence of peptic ulcer in those beyond the age of 60 years appears to have increased in recent years. A few of the more important factors in this increase have been presented. In a review of the recent American literature on peptic ulcer, where all ages are considered, there were 19.2 percent above the age of 60, among 3705 cases reported. In 416 deaths from peptic ulcer reported in the literature, 38 percent were above the age of 60. Among 65 deaths from peptic ulcer in Cedar Rapids before 1940, there were 38 percent above the age of 60, but in 75 deaths from peptic ulcer since 1940, 69 percent were above the age of 60 years.


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