Exposition of visual stimuli in an aversive situation and self-exposure to light in rats

  • Jan Matysiak


The aim of the work presented was to test the effect of associating visual stimuli with an aversive situation on later self-exposure to these stimuli. Forty-five male albino rats (Wistar) aged approximately 90 days were divided into three groups; visual trained in avoidance response to visual stimuli; auditory trained in avoidance response to auditory stimuli; and neutral untrained in avoidance response. In part two of the experiment all the rats were tested in a chamber for self-exposure to light. A statistically significant increase in the rewarding value of visual stimulation was found in the visual group in comparison with the remaining groups. This effect is interpreted as a result of extinction of anxiety response to visual stimuli as a result of which relaxation begins to positively reinforce the response leading to switching on the light.


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Authors and Affiliations

  • Jan Matysiak
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  1. 1.Institute of PsychologyUniversity of WarsawStawkiPoland

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