The American Journal of Digestive Diseases

, Volume 2, Issue 7, pp 422–426 | Cite as

The treatment of food allergy and indigestion of pancreatic origin with pancreatic enzymes

  • Anton W. Oelgoetz
  • Paul A. Oelgoetz
  • Juanita Wittekind


1. “Indigestion,” secondary to pancreatic hypofunction is a fairly common cause of digestive disturbances.

2. Food allergy may be caused by a decrease in the concentration of serum enzymes, which permits whole, unracemized proteins to reach the body cells, where, because they cannot be used as food, they exert their own physiological action which is essentially that of irritation.

3. The administration of pancreatic substance in the form of a glycerin extract of the whole gland by mouth, is therapeutically justified and clinically effective.

4. Patients who are allergic to foodstuffs and in whom too much permanent damage has not resulted when treatment is commenced, usually improve promptly when given an active glycerin extract of pancreatic substance.

5. Allergy to foodstuffs can be diagnosed and treatment controlled by a simple test which we have described elsewhere.


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  • Anton W. Oelgoetz
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  • Paul A. Oelgoetz
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  • Juanita Wittekind
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