The American Journal of Digestive Diseases

, Volume 2, Issue 4, pp 242–243 | Cite as

Acid-base value and assimilability of fruit juices

  • I. Newton Kugelmass


1. Fruit juices are buffer salt solutions whose utilization is favored by their acidity.

2. The dissolved sugar in fruit juices is the most readily absorbed constituent.

3. The fruit juices whosepH ranges at about 3—lemon, orange, grape and pineapple create a higher gastric content than those whosepH range fluctuates at about 4—tomato, banana.

4. The base-forming constituents of fruit juices are the slowest to be absorbed by virtue of the existant Donnan membrane equilibria.


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  • I. Newton Kugelmass
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  1. 1.New York city
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  3. 3.Pan American ClinicsThe French HospitalNew York
  4. 4.the Monmouth Memorial Hospital, the Linn Memorial HospitalNew Jersey

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