A solid variant of aneurysmal bone cyst of maxilla

  • V. K. Kataria
  • S. K. Bhansali
  • B. S. Mehta
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A solid variant of Aneurysmal Bone cyst is very rare tumour of maxilla. Histopathologically it is very much similar to giant cell granuloma but the radiographic features can influence the pathologic interpretation.

A solid variant of anenurysmal bone cyst has been reported in facial bones and it can involve several adjacent bone synchronously (3). Both giant cell granuloma and aneurysmal bone cyst have a propensity for recurrence variably in the 15%–26% range (5).


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  • V. K. Kataria
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  • S. K. Bhansali
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  • B. S. Mehta
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