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Diverticula of the jejunum a review of the literature and the report of two new instances

  • Jerome S. Levy
  • A. De Groat
Clinical Medicine: Diseases Of Digestion


(1) A review of the literature reveals sixty-six authentic cases of diverticula of the jejunum. There are nine other probable cases, i. e., diagnosed by X-ray but in whom operation has not been permitted and the diagnosis, therefore, not completely confirmed. The present authors report two additional cases, proved anatomically, one by autopsy, one by operation. These instances now bring the total to seventy-seven.

(2) One of the cases reported herein is the twentieth diagnosed by X-ray and the eleventh in whom operation later was performed with confirmation.

(3) Symptoms of diverticula of the jejunum may vary from a complete absence of digestive disturbances or abdominal anomaly to those of an acute abdominal lesion. The history of peptic ulceration may be simulated.

(4) The etiology of jejunal diverticula has been discussed and the gross and microscopic anatomy has been described.


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  • A. De Groat
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