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Phenolpthalein administration to nursing women

  • Bernard Fantus
  • J. M. Dyniewicz


1. No free phenolphthalein is excreted in the milk of nursing women in the course of twenty-four hours or more after the taking of large and liberal doses of phenolphthalein: of the U.S.P. as well as of the yellow variety.

2. Minute quantities of conjugated phenolphthalein are present in the large majority of all specimens of the milk of nursing women taking phenolphthalein.

3. There is no obvious effect upon the bowel movements of the babe nursed by a woman who has taken phenolphthalein.

4. Our results indicate that the yellow phenolphthalein is more active as a laxative in the bed patients studied than the U.S.P. product.


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