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Carcinoma of the colon

  • Roscoe R. Graham
Abdominal Surgery


(1) Association of intestinal obstruction with carcinoma of the colon is the most important factor contributing to the immediate mortality of this disease.

(2) The diagnosis of chronic intestinal obstruction can only be made after carefully-taken clinical history, properly interpreted. It is very important to recognize subtle departures from normal function of the colon.

(3) Any patient past forty years of age who for the first time in his life suffers from an increasing constipation must be considered to be suffering from carcinoma of the colon until this is disproved.

(4) A negative finding following X-ray examination with a barium enema is no assurance that the patient is not suffering from carcinoma of the colon.

(5) Operation undertaken on patients suffering from acute intestinal obstruction due to carcinoma of the colon should be the most minor procedure compatible with relief of the obstruction.

(6) We should not operate on a patient for cancer when he is suffering from an intestinal obstruction.

(7) A blind caecostomy is the ideal procedure for the relief of obstruction due to cancer of the colon.


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