The American Journal of Digestive Diseases

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The specificity of the complement fixation test for amebiasis

  • Emil Weiss
  • Lloyd Arnold
Clinical Medicine: Diseases Of Digestion


1. Alcohol and acetone extracts ofE. histolytica yield a specific antigen. Specific antiamebic serum can be produced by the injection of this antigen.

2. The beef-heart lipoidal antigens used in the Wassermann and Kahn tests can give nonspecific reactions not only with serum of amebic dysentery patients, but also with immune serum produced from various protozoa. These beef-heart lipoids can produce antisera which can be shown to contain non-specific antibodies.

3. When complement-fixation tests are positive for both amebiasis and syphilis (Wassermann) the Wassermann reaction can be checked by using a specific spirochete antigen instead of the beef-heart lipoids.


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  • Emil Weiss
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  • Lloyd Arnold
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  1. 1.Chicago
  2. 2.From the Department of Bacteriology and Preventive MedicineUniversity of Illinois, College of Medicine, and Research Laboratories of the Illinois Department of Public HealthChicago

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