The maximal acidity of the intestinal contents during digestion

  • J. Earl Thomas


  1. 1.

    Under conditions designed to produce the maximal normal acidity in the intestinal contents during digestion, the acidity in the duodenum near the pylorus rarely exceeded pH 3.0 and was generally near pH 4.0. The acidity was less in other parts of the duodenum and upper jejunum.

  2. 2.

    The contents of the pyloric antrum near the pylorus were consistently less acid than the conteuts of the body of the stomach and generally had a reaction between pH 2.0 and pH 3.0.

  3. 3.

    The suggestion is made that the “receptive relaxation” of the duodenum, by causing an accumulation of duodenal contents in the vicinity of the pylorus at the moment of exit of gastric contents, facilitates the quick dilution and partial neutralization of the chyme.



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