The American Journal of Digestive Diseases

, Volume 11, Issue 7, pp 227–229 | Cite as

A new test for gastric function

  • Juan Nasio


Hydrochloride of 2-Bencil 4-5 imidazoline (Priscol): a new chemical compound whose stimulant action on gastric secretion has been tested as well by oral as by parenteral administration on a group of more than 70 gastrointestinal patients. The results obtained and analyzed comparatively with other classes of chemical substances, also stimulants of gastric secretion, such as alcohol or histamine, show that this substance whether applied locally or by parenteral use determines the appearance of a gastric secretion superior in quantity and quality to that obtained by Erhmann’s food test or by cafeine, and very similar to that obtained by the histamine test without causing its disturbances.

A solution of 1% or 2% of this substance, in 300 cc. applied locally or in closes of 10 mg. by parenteral use, constitutes an excellent method for gastric research by its easy administration as well as being harmless.


Histamine Duodenal Ulcer Cholecystitis Gastric Secretion Typhoid Fever 
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