Fibroma of tonsil

  • J. P. Goravalingappa
  • K. C. Mariyappa


Benign neoplasms of the tonsillar region are rare and these include haemangiomas, fibromas, lipomas and schwannomas (Friedmann I, 1986). True fibromas of oral cavity and oropharynxes are very rare (Waal I. V., Snow, G. B. 1993). Fibromas have been recorded in nasal cavity, pharynx and larynx (Fu Y. S., Perzin K. H. 1976), We report a case of fibroma of tonsil for its rarity.


Oral Cavity Nasal Cavity Benign Tumour Lipoma Paranasal Sinus 
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  • J. P. Goravalingappa
    • 1
  • K. C. Mariyappa
    • 1
  1. 1.Sri Siddhartha Medical CollegeAgalkote, Tumkur

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