Leukoplakia: A correlative study of clinical picture and cytohistopathology

  • J. P. Purohit
  • V. K. Sharma
  • P. N. Singh
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Leukoplakia means a “ White Patch”, and is defined as a white patch or plaque on the mu-cosa that cannot be rubbed off and is not ascribable to any other condition(Fig. 1). Many patients come to the O.P.D. with presentation of white patch, ulcer, excessive salivation, trismus, increased sensitivity to chilies and burning sensation, dysphagia, otalgia and ultimately growth. Advanced countries have attained sophistication in oncopathy (like tumor marker, tumor antibodies). But we are still in search of an efficient screening method by which the cytologist can point accurately towards the nature of the disease within a few hours. That is why a correlative study of clinical picture and cytohistopathological findings had been studied in 74 cases in last three years, which were clinically diagnosed as leukoplakia in the out patient department of ENT in M.L.B. Medical College. Jhansi. In oral malignancy, it is extremely desirable that a correct and reliable method is adopted for early diagnosis and treatment, which can be instituted at a stage when the chances for cure are definitely greater.


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  • J. P. Purohit
    • 1
  • V. K. Sharma
    • 2
  • P. N. Singh
    • 3
  1. 1.Department of E.N.T.M.L.B. Medical College, JhansiU,P
  2. 2.Department of pathologyM.L.B. Medical College, JhansiU,P
  3. 3.Department of E.N.T.M.L.B. Medical College, JhansiU.P

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