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Mapping and management of flood-affected areas through remote sensing a case study of Sirsa district, Haryana

  • B S Kundu
  • K E Mothikumar


The flood-affected areas in Siras district, Haryana, was mapped during 1993 using IRS-1A LISS-II data. Two categories of flood-affected areas viz. (i) standing water, and (ii) wet areas were identified. The flood water was standing in an area of 19676.25 ha, while wet areas covered 16773.75 ha., Silting of Ottu reservoir, mismanagement of river banks and bunds and lack of drainage system were identified, as major causes of floods. Three management practices including (i) desilting of Ottu reservoir, (ii) proper management of river banks and bands, and (iii) constructions of drains to flush out flood water have been suggested to contain the fury of floods. This study will be useful to the planners and administrators in the planning of flood-affected areas.


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Authors and Affiliations

  • B S Kundu
    • 1
  • K E Mothikumar
    • 1
  1. 1.Haryana State Remote Sensing Applications CentreHisar

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