Indian Journal of Otolaryngology

, Volume 36, Issue 4, pp 159–160 | Cite as

Radiology and whole organ sections of larynx and laryngopharynx in cancer cases

  • R. C. Deka
  • S. K. Kacker
  • S. Roy
Short Reports


Soft-tissue-X-ray-neck and contrast laryngogram in the management of laryngeal and laryngopharyngeal cancers are used during the course of surgically managing 50 cases. 35 of these excised laryngeal specimens were studied by whole organ coronal serial sections. A correlation of radiology and whole organ sections is made and it is discussed with relevant literature. Use of these radiologic investigations are found useful in managing cancerlarynx.


Laryngeal Cancer Organ Section Radiologic Investigation Contrast Radiography Glottic Tumour 
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© Association of Otolaryngologists of India 1984

Authors and Affiliations

  • R. C. Deka
    • 1
  • S. K. Kacker
  • S. Roy
  1. 1.A.I.I.M.S.New Delhi

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