Elongated styloid process (Eagle’s syndrome) & severe headache

  • Vijay Chourdia


Elongated styloid process as cause of throat pain & otalgia is common, as found in classical Eagle’ Syndrome However, elongated styloid presenting with headache due to impingement an carotid artery and neurological structures like glossopharyngeal nerve, is very uncommon presentation. Here such a case with fifteen years of history of being treated as migraine, relieved by styloidectomy by Eagte’ technique and with a long symptom-free follow up of several years, is presented. For the clinician it is important to be aware of such clinical variants to successfully diagnose such head & neck pain cases, as resecting them surgically, resolves the symptoms completely.

Key words

Elongated styloid process (ESP) Eagle’s Syndrome Headache Carotid Artery impingement Glossopharyngeal nerve impingement 


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  1. 1.Geeta Bhavan & Guru teg Bahadur HospitalsIndore(M.P.)

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