Head and neck dermoids

  • S. Kapoor
  • S. Rao
  • G. C. Sood
  • M. S. Kapoor
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The clinical picture, associated anomalies and distribution in 95 cases of head and neck dermoids is described. Orbital and ocular dermoids formed the commonest site of head and neck dermoids. Mandibulofacial and external ear anomalies were frequently associated with dermoids due to failure of embryonic blood supply. Injection of radiopaque material into the dermoid can help in locating its pouches, and sinuses which can be responsible for the recurrences after their excision.


Teratoma Dermoid Cyst Epidermoid Cyst Hydrocele Meningocele 
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  • S. Kapoor
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  • S. Rao
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  • G. C. Sood
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  • M. S. Kapoor
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  1. 1.Department of OphthalmologyJIPMERPondicherry-6

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