Monitoring of forest cover type and landuse classes through remote sensing techniques

A case study in Ranikhet Tahsil, U.P.
  • Inderjit Singh


Ranikhet tahsil being situated in mountaineous region of the Himalaya has been influenced by fast changes in forest cover and landuse during the recent past. Remote sensing technique has been employed to monitor the changes in forest cover and imporant landuse classes. Landsat MSS (FCC) and Landsat TM (FCC) of 1972 and 1986 respectively has been visually interpreted.

The study highlights the potential of remote sensing techniques for monitoring the changes in forest cover and land use classes.


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  • Inderjit Singh
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  1. 1.Forestry & Ecology DivisionIndian Institute of Remote Sensing (NRSA)Dehra Dun

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