Gerontology in ENT (Geriatric Otolaryngology) - an over view

  • Govind Chandra Sahoo
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Age and ageing is a biological property of all living beings. It has been estimated that there would be more than 120 crore people by 2020 over 65 years in the world out of which 90 crores alone n.ill be in the developed countries. At present there are than 30% people in Europe who are more than 60 Years the highest being in Sweden. Lin India the percentage of old people is around 10 which is comparatively low. But the total number of such people is very significant due to the vast population, increasing life expectancy and better health care. Hence there is an increasing awareness of the multitude problems in the field of geriatic Otolaryngology due to various degenerative changes in the Head and Neck region. Not only the affection of the special sense organs of hearing & olfaction reduces the quality of life but also the life span is reduced as head & neck malignancy is very common in old age. The cosmetic problems of an ageing face poses a formidable challenge due to the ever increasing appetite for a youthful appearance in the modern soicety.

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