Medical Oncology and Tumor Pharmacotherapy

, Volume 9, Issue 3, pp 119–137 | Cite as

The impact of surgery on the multidisciplinary treatment of bronchogenic small cell carcinoma

  • Wolfgang Theuer
  • Oleg Selawry
  • Karl Karrer


Recent results of studies on patients with SCLC treated by surgery with curative intent followed by adjuvant chemotherapy demonstrate a definite progress in comparison to non-surgical-treatment programs for patients with comparable stage of disease. Of 186 randomized patients enrolled for the multicenter cooperative ISC-Study I and II, 76 patients with stage pT1-3N0M0 received surgery for cure followed by chemotherapy and selective radiotherapy to the brain. The projected 4 year crude survival rate by September 1991 was 57 %. In 27 of 43 patients with stage PT1-3N2M0, the tumors were completely resected, resulting in a 4 year survival rate of 32%. The survival curve for both groups of patients shows a sharp bent at 27 months postoperatively, whereafter the survival curves take a plateau-like course.

These promising results were confirmed by several other groups. They are in favour of initial surgery for resectable tumors, followed by postoperative chemotherapy, while patients on preoperative chemotherapy followed by adjuvant surgery showed less favourable results.

Key Words

Small cell lung cancer initial surgery Adjuvant chemotherapy Elective cranial irradiation 


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