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Genetics of the little and bagg X-rayed mouse stock

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  • T. C. Carter


It has long been thought that the bleb-induced developmental defects in the Little & Bagg mouse stock were due to a single main gene, but conflicting views were taken about the inheritance of the many other defects found in the stock. Further genetic investigations were a necessary prelude to developmental studies; they have now been made, using stocks in which the incidence of the rarer defects had been raised by selection. It is concluded that pseudencephaly, acrania, renal agenesis, preaxial Polydactyly and syndactyly of the middle digit are all parts of a syndrome which includes the bleb-induced defects and is due to one main gene; and that hydronephrosis, ectopia viscerum and midcerebral lesions are probably further parts of the same syndrome. The occurrence of each part is conditioned by the genetic background as well as the main gene. Linkage tests with markers in all known linkage groups (except group IV) were negative.


Hydronephrosis Turner Syndrome Situs Inversus Polydactyly Renal Agenesis 
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