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A graphics system distributed across a local area network

  • Enhua Wu


Design of a general purpose graphics system in a computer network environment requires that the architectural design of the graphics system be suited to such an environment and the advantages of the network environment be taken for distributed graphics processing and the sharing of resources. An architectural model is designed to meet these requirements. The model is characterised by the distribution on the machines in the network of graphics facilities provided by several graphics subsystems with various capabilities but compatible functionality, and the distributed processing of graphics across the network. This design structure has been shown to be viable by using it as the basis for the implementation of the graphics system for the MU6G network at University of Manchester. The design methodology and the structure of the graphics system are described in the paper.


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  • Enhua Wu
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  1. 1.Institute of SoftwareAcademia SinicaBeijingChina

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