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LCAccess is a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency sponsored web-site intended to promote the use of Life Cycle Assessments in business decision-making by facilitating access to data sources useful in developing a life cycle inventory (LCI). While LCAccess will not itself contain data, it will be a searchable global directory to potential data sources. In additional to directing users to relevant data sources, LCAccess will also serve as central source for LCA information. Development is currently being completed on LCAccess with an expected operational date of winter 2000/2001 for some features of the web-site. The LCI Global Directory is expected be fully functional by the summer of 2001. To find the LCAccess web-site in 2001 go to: LCAccess is currently soliciting organizations that have completed LCI/LCA studies to provide their data sources for reference in LCAccess. Inquiries should be directed to the development manager, Mr. Tim Skone (US 703/318-4745) and/or the EPA Sponsor, Ms. Mary Ann Curran (513/569-7782).


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