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Brine shrimp lethality of the compounds fromPhryma leptostachya L

  • SangMyung Lee
  • ByungSun Min
  • YungHee Kho
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Brine shrimp assay-guided fractionation and isolation of the EtOAc soluble fraction ofPhryma leptostachya L. (Phrymacaceae) gave two active compounds, phrymarolin II (1) and ursolic acid (2), which were identified by physicochemical and spectroscopic methods. Compound 1 exhibited potent lethality with LD50 value of 0.0013 μg/ml, whereas2 showed moderate lethality with LD50 value of 27.0 μg/ml against brine shrimp. The cytotoxic activities of1 and2 were also evaluated against one murine and five human cancer cell lines employing the sulforhodaminB (SRB) method. Compound2 exhibited cytotoxic activity against L1210 and SK-MEL-2 cells with ED50 values of 3.70 and 9.27 μg/ml, respectively, whereas1 was devoid of any cytotoxic activity against all cancer cells tested.

Key words

Phryma leptostachya L Brine shrimp Cytotoxicity Phrymarolin II Ursolic acid 


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© The Pharmaceutical Society of Korea 2002

Authors and Affiliations

  1. 1.Korea Research Institute of Bioscience and BiotechnologyDaejonKorea

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