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Relative bioavailability studies on two tablet preparations of ofloxacin

  • Ashok K. Shakya
  • Naresh Talwar
  • Jayant Karajgi
  • Akhlesh Singhai
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Comparative bioavailability of two tablet dosage forms of ofloxacin (either as Hoechst (India) or Ranbaxy preparation) was investigated. In a randomized cross-over study, eight healthy human volunteers received single 200 mg dose of film coated ofloxacin in fasting state. The concentrations of ofloxacin in the collected saliva and serum samples were measured by high performance liquid chromatography. No significant difference in bioavailability of both preparations was judged from various serum and saliva pharmacokinetic parameters such as peak concentration, time to peak concentration and area under the curves. Intersubject variation was also found to be insignificant.


Ofloxacin comparative bioavailability 


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  • Ashok K. Shakya
  • Naresh Talwar
  • Jayant Karajgi
  • Akhlesh Singhai

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