Irish Journal of Medical Science (1926-1967)

, Volume 11, Issue 9, pp 577–590 | Cite as

Late Ether Convulsions

Derangement of the heat-regulating mechanism of the body as a major factor in their causation A Preliminary Note
  • F. W. G. Smith


An attempt has been made to show the close connection between what are called “ ether convulsions ” and heat hyperpyrexia.

The literature of both subjects is reviewed, which would appear to show that the derangement of the heat regulation of the body is brought about by many factors, some of which can be remedied. It is suggested that ether convulsions and heat hyperpyrexia are identical conditions.

Recommendations as to the prophylaxis, treatment of the acute condition and after treatment are put forward. These are contrary to some of the present day methods adopted for patients coming within the scope of operative surgery.

I am hoping to be able to produce work to bear out the points brought forward.

I am indebted to the librarians of the British Medical Association Library for their kindness in obtaining for me the various papers consulted.


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