Dublin Journal of Medical Science (1872-1920)

, Volume 55, Issue 3, pp 227–229 | Cite as

Art. VI.-Description and illustration of an ether inhaler for the inhalation of ether as an anæsthetie, with a few observations upon a mixture of chloroform and spirit of wine for producing anæsthesia

  • B. Wills Richardson
Part I. Original Communications


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    The Dangers of Chloroform, and the Safety and Efficiency of Ether. By J. Morgan, M.D., F.R.C.S. London: Bailliére, Tindall, and Cox. 1872.Google Scholar
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  • B. Wills Richardson
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  1. 1.Royal College of SurgeonsIreland
  2. 2.Adelaide HospitalIreland

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