Gynaecological audit in a general hospital setting

  • G. Connolly
  • B. M. Coughlan
  • P. McKenna
  • C. O’Herlihy


In contrast to the long tradition of audit in Obstetrics in Dublin audit in Gynaecology is a new concept. Analysis of data collected during the years 1991–1993 is presented. This has addressed the number and type of patients seen in the Gynaecology Unit, procedures performed and complications ensuing. The figures presented are similar to Gynaecology Units in Britain. Deficiencies, such as auditing for outpatient and inpatient waiting lists have been highlighted. These issues are currently being addressed.


Cervical Intraepithelial Neoplasia Pelvic Inflammatory Disease Vaginal Hysterectomy Total Abdominal Hysterectomy Confidential Enquiry 
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  • G. Connolly
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  • B. M. Coughlan
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  • P. McKenna
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  • C. O’Herlihy
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  1. 1.Mater Misericordiae HospitalDublin

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