Irish Journal of Medical Science (1926-1967)

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Ovarian dysmenorrhœa

A short review of the ætiology, diagnosis and treatment
  • O’Donel Browne


This communication is a very brief but complete survey of the ovarian nerve system, its distribution relative to the ovary and other structures and its importance in the consideration of ovarian pain. No effort is made to make any final statement on the subject, nor to include statistics, nor to discuss the various cases of secondary ovarian pain which are closely associated with gross pelvic abnormality. Tentative opinions are expressed as a possible means of making an accurate diagnosis between the dysmenorrhœa of uterine and that of ovarian origin and the certainty of ovarian dysmenorrhœa being a definite entity is asserted. Bilateral ovarian denervation is described, together with an outline of the scanty literature relative to the operation, but it must be very clearly understood that this particular operation is not recommended unless the signs and symptoms clearly point to the case as being truly ovarian in origin and until all such other means as are at our disposal have been proved ineffective.

It is suggested that both ovarian denervation and presacral sympathectomy may be necessary in a severe case of both ovarian and uterine dysmenorrhœa which had not yielded to therapeutic measures and the lesser operative procedures.


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