McBurney’s point: A critical review

  • Ronan O’Rahilly

V. Conclusion

The writer ventures to suggest that if such a diagnostic landmark be neededclinically, “McBurney’s point” should be defined according to McBurney’s descriptions, or else should be deleted from usage, not because of varying accounts (for these discrepancies are unjustified) but due to supercedence by a more valuable location, such as the lateral point of trisection of the spino-umbilical line, or (omitting the umbilicus) the intersection of the lateral and transtubercular planes.

Radiological investigations have shown that the use of an anatomical point as a landmark for thenormal living appendix (in either supine or erect position) is both misleading and inaccurate. Apart altogether from the fact that eponymous names have been removed from current anatomical nomenclatures, the term “McBurney’s point” should therefore be deleted fromanatomical usage.


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