Studies on the absorption and tolerance of a new Fucidin suspension

  • Joseph Masterson
  • Louis Goldman


The investigation was designed to compare a new aqueous fusidic acid paediatric suspension with the currently available oily suspension of diethanolamine fusidate.

In the cross-over study involving 20 healthy adult volunteers the following findings were recorded:—
  1. (a)

    Unanimous preference for the palatability of the new aqueous suspension.

  2. (b)

    50% gastro-intestinal intolerance of the oily suspension as compared with 15% mild intolerance of the new aqueous preparation.

  3. (c)

    Elimination of nasal Staphylococcus aureus carrier state in 3 subjects during aqueous suspension therapy.

  4. (d)

    Urinary albumin levels consistently below 10 mg./100 ml. in 185 out of 187 urine samples taken during the trial.


Comparison of Fucidin blood levels in 7 additional healthy adult volunteers following administration of the two different suspensions showed that similar concentrations were obtained with both preparations. December 1969.


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  • Joseph Masterson
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  • Louis Goldman
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  1. 1.Medical DepartmentsLeo Laboratories Ltd.Dublin
  2. 2.London

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