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Online catalog searching performance and academic achievement and abilities

  • Shu-hsein Chen


THIS STUDY INVESTIGATED (1) the relationship of high school students' online catalog search performance and their academic achievement and (2) the relationship of the students' online catalog performance and their verbal, quantitative, and analytical abilities. Thirty-five high school juniors participated in the study. A set of search problems and two standardized tests—the Tests of Proficiency and Achievement (TAP) and the Cognitive Aptitude Test (CogAT)—were used as measuring instruments to assess these relationships. The results of the Pearson correlation indicated a moderate correlation between students' online catalog performance and their general academic performance. A stronger relationship was demonstrated with respect to their writing. It was also found that students' search performances were moderately related to their cognitive abilities, both verbal and nonverbal.


academic achievement cognitive abilities high school students information access online catalog 


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  • Shu-hsein Chen
    • 1
  1. 1.School of Library and Information StudiesClark Atlanta UniversityAtlanta

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