The treatment of diabetes mellitus with a single daily dose of protamine zinc insulin

  • Henry Moore
  • M. A. Moriarty


Protamine zinc insulin in a single daily dose adequately controlled 48.5 per cent. of 35 cases of diabetes mellitus who were tinder treatment with soluble insulin for a considerable time previously, 82.8 per cent. of 35 cases recently admitted, and 65.7 per cent. of the 70 cases comprising both series.

In the minority of cases, when a single daily dose of protamine zinc insulin is inadequate, more perfect results can probably be obtained by two daily doses, or by one dose of protamine zinc insulin and an additional dose of soluble insulin given daily and separately at appropriate times, or by one daily dose of the mixed insulins. It would appear that the single daily dose of protamine zinc insulin is likely to be unsuitable for the control of very severe diabetes; if adequate in size it will probably be successful in the majority of cases of diabetes of average intensity, particularly if the diabetes has not existed for too long a period of time before treatment is begun, and provided that the time of administration and the diet are properly adjusted. In judging of final success, however, one must not forget the desirability of avoiding any considerable degree of hypoglycæmia, even if the latter is not symptomologically manifested.


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  • Henry Moore
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  • M. A. Moriarty
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  1. 1.Mater Misericordiæ HospitalDublin

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