Irish Journal of Medical Science (1926-1967)

, Volume 16, Issue 12, pp 615–619 | Cite as

The radiological investigation of the dyspepsias

  • S. J. Boland


The results of the radiological examination of 1,664 cases of dyspepsia are reviewed. These results would appear to indicate that the incidence ofduodenal ulceration in this country is very high, particularly in the urban areas. No comparable investigation appears to have been carried out in this country previously. It is not possible, therefore, to say whether the incidence of ulceration is increasing or not. Allowing for certain differences in compilation, the incidence of duodenal and gastric ulcer would appear to be similar to that observed in England and Scotland, and somewhat lower than that obtained in Germany. Gastric ulcer would appear to be more common in the rural population than among city dwellers. Duodenal ulcer is found almost as frequently in women as in men and at all ages. The youngest patient found with a duodenal ulcer in this series was a girl of eleven years of age.

Gastritis in the young adult is rarely found alone; its presence usually betokens early duodenal ulceration, and in these eases little or no deformity of the bulb is found.

My particular thanks are due to my colleague, Dr. D. T. O’Farrell, of the Radioloical Department, St. Vincent’s Hospital, for his permission to include his cases in the compilation of this estimate.


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