The timed vital capacity and its relation to pulmonary elastance

  • T. T. Chapman


The forced expiratory volume in one second (FEV1) and forced inspiratory volume in one second (FIV1) and the FEV1/FIV1 and the lung elastance (compliance) at fast and slow rates, were estimated on a total of 557 patients. Two hundred and five of these were suffering from emphysema.

The average values were calculated. The FEV1/FIV1 was slightly, but significantly lower in the emphysema group. The FEV1 was also lower in this group and the elastance was correspondingly raised at fast flow rates.

The FEV1, FIV1, and the FEV1/FIV1 were plotted against the elastance. When the latter ratio is greater than 1 it is never associated with a high elastance. Although the other correlations showed obvious trends it was felt that the scatter was too widespread to be of any significance in individual cases.


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