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Evaluation ofSaccharum officinarum clones for chewing



SinceS. officinarum clones are known for their low fibre content, high juice quality and soft nature, they are being used for chewing purpose. Seventeen clones ofS. officinaqrum (includes intraspecific hybrids ofS. officinarum) along with local popular chewing cane (Badilla) and CoC 671 (commercial standard) were screened for their juice quality and other characters of importance from chewing point of view. Based on confidence interval method, norms for some of the juice characters like brix, sucrose, purity, reducing sugar, as well as rind hardness, rind thickness and fibre content could be fixed to serve as guide in screening and selection of best chewing types. The grade point average method for some of the qualitative characters related to chewiness of canes was also suggested for inclusion in selection criteria in addition to the norms suggested above to identify the best chewing types. In the present study, 6 clones namely Waxy Red, Pio 90-196, Pio 90-99, Pio 90-224, Pio 88-136 and Pio 88-76 were found to be promising based on the confidence interval method and the grade point average taking together. Further, non-lodging and erect nature with green foliage and field stand, non-flowering, resistance to disease and pests with high yield potential would enhance the choice for selection of best chewing cane types.


Saccharum officinarum sugarcanec hewing cane juice quality fibre and rind hardness 


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  • P. Rakkiyappan
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  • K. Chiranjivi Rao
    • 1
  • V. Jayamani
    • 1
  1. 1.Agricultural Chemistry and Soil ScienceSugarcane Breeding InstituteCoimbatore

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