Almost Optimal Dynamic 2–3 trees

  • Li Wanxue 


This paper presents a principle to create Almost Optimal Dynamical 2–3 trees based on the theory of Milleret al.,[4] and gives a searching algorithm, an insertion algorithm and a deletion algorithm for these 2–3 trees. Experimental result given in this paper indicates that these 2–3 trees have very good performance at node-visit cost. We discuss asymptotic property of the 2–3 trees asN→∞, and evaluate its approximate height,h=log2.45(N+1), whereN is the number of nodes of a 2–3 tree. Finally, this paper analyses the time complexities of the algorithms, which areO(log2.45(N+1)).


Leaf Node Insertion Algorithm Father Node Approximate Height Deletion Algorithm 
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  • Li Wanxue 
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  1. 1.Nankai UniversityTianjin

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