Irish Journal of Medical Science

, Volume 153, Issue 9, pp 329–330 | Cite as

Book reviews

  • Michael Buckley
  • W. Gorman


  1. Traditional Medicine and Health Care Coverage. A reader for Health Care Administrators and Practitioners, ed~ited by R. H. J. Burton and Ch en Wen-Chieh, Geneva, World Health Organisation. 1983. I.S.B.N. 92 4 154136 6. 342 pages. Sw. fr. 35.Google Scholar
  2. Parent-Baby Attachment in Premature Infants. Eds. J. A. Davis, N. P. M. Richards, N. R. C. Robertson. 1983. Croom Helm. London. Price£17.95Google Scholar

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  • Michael Buckley
  • W. Gorman

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