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Intra-mural intestinal spread of gastric carcinoma

  • G. S. A. McDonald
Brief Reports


An elderly woman presented with diarrhoea two years after total gastrectomy for carcinoma of the stomach. The cause of the diarrhoea was due to spread of gastric adenocarcinoma cells along the alimentary tract as far as the rectum and causing diffuse thickening of the gut. This unusual method of spread may be related to the histological type of carcinoma and is a rare cause of post-gastrecomy diarrhoea.


Gastric Carcinoma Total Gastrectomy Ascitic Fluid Splenic Flexure Alimentary Tract 
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  • G. S. A. McDonald
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  1. 1.Department of Histopathology and Morbid AnatomyTrinity CollegeDublin

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